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At the Law Office of R. Joseph Kerendian, we are equipped for a wide range of legal matters, including business law, real estate & civil litigation. We are a problem-solving law firm, working to provide efficient & effective solutions.

Whether you are engaged in a dispute with another business or individual, or you need the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer to protect you from disputes or protracted litigation, we can fully evaluate your needs and provide answers tailored to your situation...

Attorney Joseph Kerendian offers experienced legal representation and practical advice. We litigate in court to protect your rights or obtain compensation for damages, and we seek to resolve conflict through negotiation or mediation. In the best case scenario, we prevent disputes by structuring agreements that work for all parties.


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Los Angeles Business Law Attorney

Working to Find Effective and Lasting Legal Solutions
Representing Clients in Los Angeles and Throughout Southern California

At the Law Offices of R. Joseph Kerendian we are a client-driven law practice, focused on practical answers and tangible results for businesses and individuals in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Our lawyer is driven to provide dependable legal representation using a diverse range of options, from negotiation to aggressive trial litigation. We consider ourselves to be seasoned trial advocates, and in appropriate circumstances we use arbitration, negotiation and mediation if going to trial is not in your best interests.

When you are looking for a lawyer to represent you, work with one who will put your best interests and the needs of your company first.

Legal Service Focused on You

Which is more important to your legal needs: a fight or a solution? The answer: it depends on your situation. In either case, we can fight for you in court or find a solution outside of court.

At our firm, our job is to find answers for our clients. There is more than one way to accomplish your goals; in that regard, perhaps the best quality in a lawyer is good judgment.

When you put our firm behind your case in business law, real estate, landlord-tenant disputes, personal injury, or other matters, you will have a lawyer that:

  • Thoroughly reviews your claim and explores all options
  • Can negotiate or initiate alternative dispute resolution options to accelerate and improve outcomes
  • Is an unwavering advocate for you when litigation and trial is the right answer
  • Focuses on providing outstanding client service

At the Law Offices of R. Joseph Kerendian, we are passionate about helping individuals and businesses. We evaluate every aspect of our clients' cases, helping people and organizations take the course of action that will best accomplish their objectives.

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Whether we aggressively pursue justice in a court of law, help you negotiate a settlement to your dispute, or structure the best deal for you in a transactional agreement, our focus is always on making sure you receive dependable and experienced guidance. To arrange a consultation with attorney Joseph Kerendian, call 310-696-0333 or contact us online